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2021 Year Theme: Hope Is Not Canceled

Confined under this new normal, “nose mask” and “social distancing”, we all tend to reminisce on the good old days. What hilarious moments we once had, when Adongo would entertain the class with his unnecessary chatter and end up in the names of “talkertives” list. Hold up…It doesn’t end there, it would take another presidential debate to defend his name. Sadly, it’s a different story now: the talking squad and everyone else are muted under nose masks. Again, who tells us about the latest gossip in class when the “back benchers” have to sit five meters apart.

Indeed school has taken a different turn. We are all dismayed at how our plans for inter-school games and competitions have been brought to a halt. What joy it was waking up every morning, to go to school and join your buddies and not having to return home to pick up a nose mask.

Hang on, there is a brighter side. COVID-19 has caused enough damage; taken away lives, distabilized our economy, changed our normal ways of life. But one most important thing it cannot take is our Hearts. We may not be able to sit closely again but together we’re building a mighty future. Students, as we adjust to the new normal, let’s give a bang on our goals.

Adongo may not goofy around like before but he’s getting on top of his Academics.

We have got nothing left but our Hope because COVID has taken so much from us.

That’s why we at High School Society say: Hope is not canceled.

Press on and stay safe!!!!

-Cynthia Anaba Akalpokbila, Editor at High School Magazine.