With the whole hullabaloo about the novel Coronavirus pandemic which has engulfed the world, and especially with all schools closed down, it is easy for students to feel deserted and confused. But, students in Ghana are not letting chance pass by. Even with the introduction of the online and TV learning platforms, here are 5 high school students who are really putting passion to use during these times. And they all have one thing in common, use of social media. So the next time you log in, think of what to use that platform for.

Elorm Kodzo Lumor

Elorm is a student photographer from Achimota School and was featured in last year’s edition of High School Magazine’s edition of Explore! as one of the top Ghanaian student photographers at the moment. His Instagram business page @bellystudios features his work currently and is making use of the lockdown to create and enjoy his passion. Why don’t you check him out?

Eric Amenu Bedzoe

Eric is a final year student of Adisadel College and an artist. His works as a pencil artist has not been disrupted by the Coronavirus lockdown. His passion drives him to treat his followers to beautiful arts and drawings.

Lorraine Comfort Damenguah

Lorraine, a student at the Ghana National College, is one of the innovative high school folks you can ever find and her passion to make an impact so strong. During this lockdown when it is easy to be sidetracked, she has began something interesting. It is an online discussion segment called Time With The Pros. Held in a WhatsApp group created for that purpose,b students are invited to join via a group invite link, that is, after they have registered to participate. She’s also a helper to the editorial team at High School Magazine and does such a good job. Her Instagram handle is @thelorraine.

Fige Deegbe

Fige, also a photographer and filmmaker is the CEO of Revampgram. You read it right, Chief Executive Officer of a very popular photography firm on Instagram. He was also featured in last year’s Explore! alongside his friend Elorm, mentioned earlier. Both are assets to the student community.

Maame Adwoa Sam

Maame Adwoa, a student of Akosombo International School, is the founder of an upcoming business called AFRIKA, a company which manufactures African print durags and scrunchies. When HSM asked her what motivated her to start this, she said, “So I came up with the idea in JHS 2 and started making headbands and brooches and selling them in school. In JHS 3 I paused because of BECE but when I got to high school I started again but added more things. My observation was that the friends liked wearing branded things and preferred specific brands more. So I thought it would be nice to make those things in African print material and so I started this business, to also make people show we’re Africans. So I made durags, bandanas, scrunchies, brooches and many more.” She disclosed there is an upcoming T-Shirt and hoodie collection called Pride and Tribe coming soon. Her Instagram handle is @sam__adwoa and business page is @_.afrika.

So there you have it, 5 amazing students we have in our community. These are not the only ones surely, but they sure make a huge impact. Do you know any high schooler doing extraordinary things, send his/her portfolio to editorial@hssgh.com to be featured in subsequent mentions.

Lots of love from the High Schools Society teams!