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5 Mistakes That You Should Avoid In Your First Year Of University

School hasn’t been opened for a month, and there is already stuff like this Limann Hall: Freshers Warned Over Down Bed Reservations making the news. Obviously, the current crop of freshers wouldn’t know how to survive their first year without some help. That’s why you need to see these 5 mistakes that you should absolutely avoid this sem.

Don’t Trust Anyone When It Comes To Group Assignments

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When group assignments are given out, it can be tempting to believe that everyone will do their part. Rookie mistake. And unfortunately your lecturers will grade you all with the same result. Take actions when you realize that your group members are unwilling.

Don’t Buy Textbooks

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Textbooks cost a lot of money. And they’re also required for some classes. So here’s the thing, you can get free digital copies of most of the books that you’re going to need. We even put together a list of websites where you can get them.

Don’t Be A Party Animal

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When you make new friends who are always going out, it’s natural to want to do the same. However, if you realize that you feel out of place, then it probably isn’t your thing. You don’t have to be a part animal. Find the things that you actually like spending time doing.

Don’t Write Your Own References

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Don’t write you own references. Why? Because Google will do it for you. Just go to Google Scholar, search for the paper that you’re trying to reference and click on the references button. You even get to choose the referencing style.

Don’t Skip Class

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It is way too easy to skip classes in the university. And when you skip a class, there is no real accountability because someone can just sign your name. But when you skip class, it can affect your grades because exam questions are usually based on the things that are mentioned in class.

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