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FIRST Global Challenge 2019: Meet Team Ghana🇬🇭

Meet the team representing Ghana at this year's edition of the FIRST Global Challenge. Three students of Wesley Girls' High School and one from Methodist Girls' High School.

Letter from the Past

Dear Future, Relationship is nothing if all the feelings, sacrifices, contributions and hard work are...

The Unrequited Love – Poetry

Love for one another is a journey; Starting at forever and ending at never.

Halt Homosexuality In High Schools

I believe the brainwashing process begins in the senior high schools and colleges, where many people develop the desire to experiment the act of having sex with the same sex”.

Some Laundries May Not Be Dirty After All – Episode 3

I still could not come up with any reasonable reason as to why I was being called at the administration other than the one reason that had been hanging on mind since Akwesi Berko left. But I told myself, "No. It can't be".

Notice Board: High School Placement To Be Released By Friday

The Computerised School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) for Senior High Schools (SHS) is to be released by Friday, September 6, 2019.

Some Laundries May Not Be Dirty After All – Episode 2

To make matters worse, I bumped into Kwabena - Kwabena Loud. Yes please, that was his full name. The "most informed" student on campus. I mean what doesn't Kwabena know of on campus. Everyone wanted to be his friend. You know, just in case a cloud drops on the ground, they'd get to see it drop live and coloured.

Notice Board: WAEC Releases 2019 BECE Results

The West African Examinations Council has released provisional results of the 2019 Basic Education Certificate Examinations.

EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Edwin Amponsah, KNUST 2019 Overall Best Graduating Student

Master Edwin Amponsah emerged as the overall best graduating student at the 53rd Congregation of the Kwame Nkrumah...

Am I A Good Student?

Are you a good student? Moses takes you on a steady ride ln this question. Enjoy the read.
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