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#BeSocialMediaSmart 3: You Have A Reputation To Protect

How do people know you online? Whether you know it or not, what you publish on that timeline of your social media account has a direct impact on your reputation. What you do online really matters. Especially in this age of computer networking. Why am I suggesting so?

Do you know more and more employers are searching online to verify and evaluate their current and prospective workers based on their social media profiles? As Lida Citoen puts it in the article 9 Reasons To Be Careful About What You Post Online, ‘if you claim to be the nurtury type and your employer sees you attacking contacts online, they might question your leadership skills’. So be careful what you post online especially as a student.

At High Schools Society for example, the social media account and presence of our members are very important to us. What members and volunteers portray online really matter to us. One of the things we ask on the Join Us form is social media account details and what one puts out there has an effect on our decision-making. Most especially because we deal with with most of our clients and friends online and in the digital world. Similarly, some HR managers look through your social media posts to learn more about you. Misrepresentation and false information other than what you put on the application form or resume can disqualify you, and it is happening. Most at times, one thing causes that.

I have constantly seen students from high school and even tertiary schools mess up their profile details. How can a student work or attend ‘Student’? Or how can one work at ‘Self-Employed’? And some students who supposedly work at World Bank and attend all sort of schools? Not to talk of slang words used on the profile. You are creating a reputation online so be accurate. As I stated in the Episode 2, get help in completing your profile if you have issues. Do not give out sensitive information, but the basic ones about where you school, work, stay, and come from should be true, well unless you prefer to hide it which is reasonable. In fact at High Schools Society, that is very much checked now.

Though still under contemplation, do you know nearly all applicants for US visas will have to submit their social media details under newly adopted rules, according to BBC? And do you also know starting from the class of 2022, the online profiles of students will be assessed as to whether he or she deems fit to attend Ashesi University? From a Town Hall Meeting, Dr. Patrick Awuah, the President of Ashesi University made a point that one’s posts or social media account might jeopardize your chances of getting admission into the reputable institution. That tells you how serious things are. So the next time you post something on social media, you have to be mindful of the future repercussions.

Instead of resisting social media, remember to post content which is true, consistent with your values, collaborative and interesting. Remember, you have a reputation to protect!