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#BeSocialMediaSmart 5: You Are Social Media Smart If You Do These 5 Things

Our story at High Schools Society is an interesting one, you know why? Because it tells you what good social media can do to the Ghanaian student. Our company started online, and though we have moved out of just being an online student organisation, we still have a digital presence and a strong virtual community of young people. It bring joy to out heart to see what influence we have used social media to create. And you know what? You too can do same. I am therefore going to list out just 5 simple things to make your online presence successful devoid of problems.

Honestly we met almost all members of High Schools Society online. From our executives whom we call the Administrative Body to the other amazing teams we have. And this was by means of the idea to establish good connections and friendships. So connect with people. One of our aims is to create that platform where students interact and connect. So you could join our community, and be sure to meet other great students like yourself.

At this point in your life, one of the most important things now is to pass through school successfully. So follow a page or join a group which could enable you to learn, gain wider knowledge and aid in school work. Not to say you should avoid the fun side, because in fact there are pages which teach through fun. So use your conscience to choose which one will help you or not.

I used the work build, not just create, so take note. I have seen pages or groups which become inactive after just a few days of creation. You may have a passion for something, or even a talent, or a trade or any other thing to make society a good place. Why not create a page for it? And since maintenance is key, do not do it if you are not ready or lack content. And about the group, you can limit membership to only persons interested and have good admins to help succeed, if not, it will be flooded with irrelevant stuff.

Recently our computer department initiated a Digital Marketing Program for high schoolers, which is set to be held in high schools across the country. Why did we do that? Shadrack Inusah, Project Lead and IT Head explains that it meant to give students useful skills to make their social media presence useful. You can make a few bucks by just being on social media and we want to teach you how to do that with your account. So if you are yet to attend a class, just grab the opportunity when it reaches your community.

Sounds straightforward right? Well after all these discussions from episode 1 to 4 you see someone who is not helping you get the most out of social media, who is not posting stuff relevant to you, who is threatening your presence, then now may be the time to unfriend or unfollow him or her. Don’t worry about the numbers, because quality is important than quantity. It may be hard, but remember Facebook or Instagram does not inform the person of your action.

There you have it. Enjoy social media and benefit from it. If you read every one of the episodes, we thank you very much. Maybe you could send in your suggestions to us and we would be grateful.

Our computer department and media team are ready to offer you the resources to make your online presence great, why not contact them at support@hssgh.com now for all your concerns.

All the best in the student community!