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Checklist before you leave campus after WASSCE

Be kind! You will meet some classmates again.

Nobody really knows what exactly the future holds for us. We only pray and work for a better future. Whilst in school you should consider being kind and nice to all people you come across. Your enemy today might be your helper someday. You will definitely meet some of your classmates/schoolmates again, the big question is will you be happy to see them again? (That really depends on how to you treated them back in school. )

There is a life outside the classroom, persue a side hustle you are good at:

Life after high school is different from the life you had in back in school. You might encounter ups and downs in life but hey that’s part of growth especially in the kind of ecosystem we find ourselves. Discover your talent/passion for something while in school, learn more about it, get to know how to and don’ts about it and get on your toes right after school, who knows? it might be another source of good income while preparing for your university or while waiting to get back to school.

Build solid connections and a powerful network:

There is a saying that your network determines your net worth. As you are in school perusing your dream course, try to create a good connect. People who have the positive energy for business ideas, great impact and a passionate attitude. The people you connect with in a way will have an impact in your life (whether positive or negative. ) Getting the right connect and network can help you go places,meet new people and share ideas that can help you in your field of work.

Don’t rush, Be Patient

Don’t just be too hard on yourself because others are in the University, others have travelled just after high school and others are being employed. Just study yourself, discover your inner self and get a good plan for what you want to do, talk to a few a people and start something good for your self. Remember life is not a competition.
Maybe your mates that are doing well it’s just because they might be a blessing to you in the near future


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