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EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Edwin Amponsah, KNUST 2019 Overall Best Graduating Student

Master Edwin Amponsah emerged as the overall best graduating student at the 53rd Congregation of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology,Kumasi.

He read Actuarial Science and graduated with a CWA of 85.82

From Left: Ms. Priscilla Ama Yenzimy and Master Edwin Amponsah

At the University’s 53rd Congregation, he was introduced by Mr. V.A Ankamah Lomotey, Registrar for College of Science to give his valedictory speech, to ably supported by a lady (Ms. Priscilla Ama Yenzimy) who studied mathematics with a CWA of 78.90.

Hypercitigh.com met up with the ‘’OVERALL BEST GRADUATING STUDENT OF KNUST’’ who graduated with a CWA of 85.82!

A CWA of 85.82!! 

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Check out the exclusive interview between Master Edwin Amponsah and HypercitiGh Team

HYPERCITIGH: Hello Mr. could you please tell us about your family and early education

MASTER EDWIN AMPONSAH: I am from a family of 10; however, I lost my eldest sister last 2 years. I am the third born. I had my secondary education at Senya Senior High School in my hometown, Senya Beraku.

HYPERCITIGH: Could you please tell us about your social life? Do you have time to socialize or you are always learning; thus these tremendous accolades?

MASTER EDWIN AMPONSAH: I had a very active social life on campus. First, I am a MasterCard scholar and the program really got me to know many people. In addition, I am a very friendly person who likes humor and fun. This does not mostly affect my studies because I try to separate the two. It is mostly about prioritizing and being discipline.

HYPERCITIGH: College of Science 53rd Congregation Valedictorian and KNUST overall best graduating student for 2019! This performance is impressive but tell us; what inspired you to pursue this record?

Master Edwin Amponsah

MASTER EDWIN AMPONSAH: Truthfully speaking, achieving this wasn’t something I tried to actively pursue when I began my undergraduate studies at KNUST. I always just strive to do my best.

I don’t want to achieve something I know I could have performed better. My colleagues and friends also motivated me along the way.

HYPERCITIGH: Please how many awards/Honors were you crowned with at the 53rd Congregation?

MASTER EDWIN AMPONSAH:  I was crowned with the following awards;

Prudential Actuarial Support Awards– Best 5 graduating Actuarial Students

Best Male Student- Faculty of Physical and Computational Sciences

Valedictorian– College of Science

Vice Chancellor Excellence Award– Overall Best Graduating Student

HYPERCITIGH: Could you tell us some of the things you encountered along while in KNUST and your Program and what lessons you took from them

MASTER EDWIN AMPONSAH: Being part of the MasterCard Scholars community is definitely one of the indelible experiences I had at KNUST. We are a family and a community that just wanted to make life better for ourselves and other people. One lesson I drew from my stay here at KNUST in general is that if you are passionate, committed and discipline about something you are doing then you can certainly turn that into a success story.

Master Edwin Amponsah

HYPERCITIGH: How did you feel when you were called to give your valedictory speech?

MASTER EDWIN AMPONSAH: It was simply amazing. I felt inspired.

HYPERCITIGH: What was your speech about and why did you choose to talk about that of all topics?

MASTER EDWIN AMPONSAH:  One key lesson I sought to drive home was about procrastination. I know there were many stuff we wanted to do as students like building our own business, taking a professional course etc. but we have always told ourselves that we will be doing that after school and that moment at graduation was when that  time started.

HYPERCITIGH: Have you always been adjudged ‘The Best Student’?

MASTER EDWIN AMPONSAH:  Yes. At primary school, JHS and SHS. I have always being passionate about my studies.


HYPERCITIGH: Are you a Ronaldo or a Messi at “sharking”?


  • Messi is considered more of a natural
  • Ronaldo is considered more of a “work at it and attain it” type.

MASTER EDWIN AMPONSAH:  I am a strong Barca fan and I would have always chosen Messi, but I am pushed to choose both in this case because:

  1. I am able to easily grasp difficult and abstract concepts and also,
  2. I love learning new things so I put a lot of work into that.
Master Edwin Amponsah

HYPERCITIGH: Could you please tell us what has been your primary source of motivation in life.

MASTER EDWIN AMPONSAH: My main source of motivation have been my family, friends and loved ones

HYPERCITIGH:  What do you do to while away time (hobby/hobbies)

MASTER EDWIN AMPONSAH:   Watching a good movie and Reading

HYPERCITIGH:  What are you most passionate about Ghana first and then Africa?

MASTER EDWIN AMPONSAH:   Ghana and Africa have a lot of resources (both natural and human). I passionate about us using these tremendous resources to achieve our fullest potential and make the world a better place for all.

HYPERCITIGH: What are you doing to contribute to this (per answer in 12 above)

MASTER EDWIN AMPONSAH: I founded Happy Faces IT program with a friend to train children in rural communities to acquire basic I.T skills.

HYPERCITIGH:  Whom do you look up to?

MASTER EDWIN AMPONSAH:  God, family and loved ones.

HYPERCITIGH: Which Church do you attend?

MASTER EDWIN AMPONSAH: Deeper Christian Life Ministry (Deeper Life Bible Church)

HYPERCITIGH: What’s the future you look at?

MASTER EDWIN AMPONSAH:  I want to become a Professor and a consulting Actuary.

HYPERCITIGH: Do you have any advice for students?

MASTER EDWIN AMPONSAH:  Students have to develop some passion for whatever they are doing and commit to working at it and they can surely achieve whatever they set their eyes on.

Hypercitygh.com team hope there are more to come and we wish you all the best!


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