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Halt Homosexuality In High Schools

Homosexuality is an ancient global happening. Despite various research and writings on the topic, for many, the act is still quite puzzling. Homosexuality has become very common in senior high schools both single sex and mixed sex.
According to sources, this act has been a problem in all senior high schools due to negative peer influence, poverty, among others.

Mr. Kwaku Adu- Gyamfi in an article which was published in Modern Ghana reveals that “…homosexuality was not born but made. I believe the brainwashing process begins in the senior high schools and colleges, where many people develop the desire to experiment the act of having sex with the same sex”. This unpleasant act is an acquired lifestyle which is mainly derived from the boarding schools. Liberty also makes it succinct that “second cycle schools have been major hubs for gay and lesbian acts. Senior high schools have been the real hot spot for gay and lesbian activities. It is in those places that gays and lesbians are really made.

Underground gay and lesbian cells exist in many senior high schools. Some governmental institutions like the National Commission of Civic Education
(NCCE), Conference of Heads of Assisted Secondary Schools (CHASS) with other organizations are contributing in expanding knowledge about the issue through awareness creation targeted at
students. Some students were even suspended from school because they were caught engaging in sexual acts, including homosexual acts.

In an interview with one such student, she
remarked “I was introduced to lesbianism by my school mother”. Mr. Peter Atta Gyamfi, the headmaster of Pentecost
Senior High School, has consistently advised students to abolish the thought of accepting a senior student as a school father or a school mother as this may lead to such negative influence. As a deeply rooted traditional and religious country, Ghana frowns on homosexuality.

Others have purported, the copying of other foreign culture blindly is also a serious problem that must be nailed upon to help ruin this act in the country at
large. Constitution legalized to stop this practices must be enforced by authorized institutions to arrest those who are in the acts and deal with them drastically to make a lesson to others. Domestically, parents must educate their children on homosexuality and support them to grow in Christian faith to enable their children to become less susceptible to negative peer influences.

The writer is Enoch Nyamson, a final year student of Pentecost Senior High School.


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