Since its inception in 1993, the objective of the National Science & Maths Quiz has been to promote the study of the sciences and mathematics, help students develop quick thinking and a probing and scientific mind about the things around them, while fostering healthy academic rivalry among senior high schools.

The quiz, popularly referred to as “brilla” by many who have gone through the secondary school system is by far one of the few academic events that bring all of Ghana’s secondary schools together. The schools and students look forward to it. The National Science and Maths Quiz is the longest running educational programme on a Ghanaian television.

The National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) was adjudicated the ‘TV Programme of the Year 2017’ at The Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ghana (CIMG) Awards event which came off at the International Conference Centre (AICC), on 28th September 2018, in Accra.

The event has over the years fomented the flames of healthy rivalry between second cycle institutions, while promoting the study and appreciation of mathematics and science in especially senior high schools.

The quiz has often highlighted key strengths of students from not too popular schools, whose performances impact the competition in only positive ways, even if they do not win.

Beginning in 2017, High Schools Society was pleased to become a productive online and digital media sponsor for the event, organised by Primetime Limited Ghana. The objective of this support was to give a strong online presence and audience to the event, and can say was very successful.

In 2017, the organisation was represented by a 5-member crew, with 3 staff and 2 non-staff members; whilst in 2018, was represented an all-staff crew of 5, headed by Dominic Kalefe.

It is noteworthy that though HSS crew at the NSMQ do so on a company volunteer basis, they undertake their responsibilities with full concentration and attach all seriousness to it as a full-time job, right from the launch at the British Council to the grand finale, which has been recent times held at the National Theatre.

The staff at HSS are very keen of the NSMQ as it reflects rightly one of the core values of the organisation; that is, to establish a network and platform for high schoolers to interact and forge strong bonds and friendships with one another.

This year is no exception, our crew will once again head to work to bring to the general public and exciting coverage of the most popular event in June and July of every year, the National Science and Maths Quiz. The crew will be coordinated by Dominic Kalefe, a member of the Administrative Body.


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