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High Schools Society Partners With Healthneutron To Provide Virtual Healthcare To High Schoolers

High Schools Society has partnered with Healthneutron as a health support partner to provide free virtual online consultation to high school students across Ghana. This partnership will not only make it easy for high schoolers to talk to doctors online for free, but it will also seek to establish Healthneutron as a first-care agent for sickbays in schools across the country.

The terms and impact of the partnership will be adjusted to make it more inclusive to teachers and a more in-person services to schools and students.

High Schools Society is a news/media agency that visions providing student support services to high schoolers, namely career and mentorship as well as providing students and schools with needed resources to smooth out media functions.

HealthNeutron is a preventive healthcare institution that helps save a life today by either eliminating or preventing the causes of underlying health conditions.

They do this by first providing free training to inform their partners, prospective customers and the general public about the various diseases and how it can be prevented. They then provide screening for the employees and general public.  

Finally, they allow their medical practitioners to consult with the patient based on the lab report. They provide these services conveniently by bringing the healthcare to the patient either on the app or other digital channels or in-person, by bringing their medical professionals to the place of convenience.