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Hopeful Lamentations of The Ghanaian Student

God has indeed blessed my homeland Ghana.
So why the endless recitation?
But I look around and sadly wonder.
Pastor, Imam……If the answer was prayers and meditation,
Why are we not so great and strong?
What then is exactly wrong?
How come no one in my village has a degree?
When you say Education is absolutely free?
Education Director, please what’s in Nkrumah’s reform?
And who is to blame when students can’t perform?
Mr President, Please define quality education.
And what is the meaning of IMPLEMENTATION?

I am a Ghanaian pupil.
Hopeful and beautiful.
I have a big dream.
But sadly I don’t have a voice.
No one hears me, even when I shout and scream.
I forgot everyone says I’m dumb.
My daddy gave me a choice.
I won’t budge, I will definitely not keep mum.
He said I should get married just like my elder sister.
Or I will end up pregnant and single just like my next door neighbor.

No one will listen to me.
My teachers don’t even believe in me.

Today I met a smiling TFG fellow.
He waved, shook my hand and said hello.
I smiled back and tried to do the same.
He said he is my teacher ?Yet he will inflict no pain?
He doesn’t believe in big fearsome, Mr cane.

He doesn’t know me,
But he says he sees Greatness in me.

Together we’re gonna make history.
And leave a lasting legacy.

I will become a renowned medical doctor,
And win a Nobel prize in the nearest future.
He told me of Mad Margaret Nkrumah,
A lecturer committed with dedication.
And Mr. Daniel Dotse,
Visionary leaders worthy of emulation.

We will start with some little innovation……It won’t be so simple.
It’s gonna be hard at first,
But we’re all gonna do our best.
And in the end….I’m already smiling,
beautiful….if only I had a dimple.
I don’t care if you don’t believe me.
Cos I believe in me.
And nothing is impossible.
If we will all be mutually responsible.

So I wouldn’t have to go to Finland.
Because their education is quality.
But study right here in Nzemaland.
Where there will be no more INEQUALITY.