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Interview With Ms. Sandra Amponsah, First Ever Female President Of The Greater Accra Regional SRC

Our editorial board caught up with Miss Sandra Amponsah, the 35th Greater Accra Regional Students Representative Council President and the first female ever to hold that position, earlier this week. Please enjoy the interview and be sure to share your views with our team. Congratulations to Miss Amponsah once again.

Ms. Sandra Amponsah

Welcome to High School Magazine, could you please tell us about yourself?
I am Sandra Akosua Amponsah Boateng Yeboah from the Ashanti Region of Ghana,Seventeen years of age,a proud student of Accra Wesley Girls a 3rd year General Art student . I am currently the Head Prefect and the Local SRC President of my school, I am the third of four children and currently the Greater Accra Regional Student Representative Council, my ambition is to be a lawyer some day and move further to be a minister of Foreign Affairs. My gender does not limit me from bringing out my best.I am a devoted Christian,and my aim is to see the fifth goal of SDG achieved, which is Goal Five, thus Gender Equality.

Wow that’s quite an ambition. Why did you choose Accra Wesley Girls?
Wanted a school that was ‘equivalent’ to Wesley Girls in Accra so upon the records of Accra Wesley Girls I chose that school.

Haha that’s nice.
Tell us about your dream to be a student leader?
I have the passion to lead and I decided to put it into practice not just by word of mouth. I also feel being a student leader is a platform to build up my leadership skills.

You do really want to lead. And leadership is something all need to learn.
How would you describe your leadership style?
Democratic style of leadership

Explain further please. We want to know more.
Under my leadership,I give students the chance to express themselves and I make student advocacy work at all times. On the other hand,I enforce discipline in order to keep my administration on firm grounds.

Nice one there. What motivated you to go in for regional SRC position and how did you feel after being given the mandate
What motivated me was the issue of gender equality and the fact that in this generation of ours,girls should be given the chance to rub shoulders with boys and excellent even better.

And how did you feel after the mandate?
After being given the mandate,I feel there is an endorsement from the majority and the opportunity to bring out my best and to prove that indeed there is a lot more girls or women can do.This is also a chance to tell people that girls or women should not be underestimated.

So what are your plans for the Grester Accra Regional Students Representative Council?
My plans
1. That the council will have a new Secretariat.
2. That sponsorships and scholarship scheme could be given to poor but brilliant students in the council.
3. That predicament of students in the council could be heard through press conferences.
4. That girls could be empowered to take up competitive positions and deal with tough issues devoid of the circumstances around them.

That’s very good to know. We can see you are very particular about empowering the girl student.

Do you have any reason for that?
This is because over the years females don’t push or fight for greater heights because they feel scared and are least motivated also getting this position is to prove to these girls that this is a hurdle a girl can easily jump over.

Wow your determination is very great and viable.
Thank you

Now tell us about some things personal, your likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests.
Reading story books, listening to music, engaging in debates, I like people who stand up for themselves, honesty and confidence. I hate lies and backbiting.

Lol quite some negative things there. From your profile you want to be in politics one day?
Yes, sure.

Why politics? Any Motivation?
I just love it first of all and I know that my position as politician will change and help the society in which we find ourselves in and also it will help me implement policies to meet the set SDG goals.

That’s quite an ambition. Do you have any projects you are personally on?
I am currently working on organizing workshops to educate girls on basic life skills and am also working on workshops that will help boys in technical skills as well.

That’s a great idea. You can always call on us to give you our support.
Thank you

How do you see the Ghana’s educational system?
Ghana’s educational system is indeed a blessing to the nation but yet still certain policies like the double track system has made the educational system quite ineffective. The educational system has helped many student benefit from it,this was certified by the deputy minister of education who claim that one out three children would have not gone to school if not for the free education policy.

And do you have any suggestions? What would you have done differently if you were a minister?
I would have found alternative ways and measures to make the educational system better and would have avoided the double track system.

Right. What word do you have for all student leaders like yourself and students in general?
I hope all students work hard and Chase their dreams and I pray that the upcoming leaders like myself in the near future will not think of their own benefit but think that if the interest of the country as a whole.

Thank you very much for this interview and we wish you all the best in your future endeavours.
Thank you and I’m most grateful.