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It is not safe to allow final year students to return home – Martin Kpebu

Legal practitioner, Martin Kpebu says it is not safe to allow final year students who have resumed school to complete the final phase of their education to return home.

Many have called for the students to be sent back home after some schools recorded cases of Covid-19.

But Mr Kpebu says the country may see a surge in cases if that is done.

“If you look at the current EI 134, it mandates the heads of the institutions such as the secondary schools and all those other institutions to make sure that they implement the protocols.

“And one of the protocols is that if you’ve come into contact with somebody who has the virus, you have to be quarantined or self isolate.  Therefore, they cannot be made to come home especially when they have come into contact with affected persons,’ he told Evans Mensa on Newsnite.

More Senior High Schools are recording cases of Covid-19. The Accra Girls SHS leads with 55 cases made up of both students and teachers.

Mr. Kpebu however says the students must continue to stay in school at least until the mandatory 14 day quarantine period is due.

“Then after if they test negative, that’s when they can be allowed to go home. So what school authorities be doing is that they should engage parents and allow them to have a bit of access, of course, no physical contact.

“They can develop some protocols for them to see their kids but in these circumstances, it’s not safe for schools where some students have come into contact with affected persons to allow students to go back home,” he added.