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Life is a war zone! We are soldiers living in the war, some are captains and so many more. We are fighting one enemy but we all have different weapons to fight the enemy. Some use Arrows, Guns, Daggers, but it doesn’t matter what Weapon we use that determines our survival in the war!!!

Whether powerful or not; is not because those with Arrows can’t use Guns or those with powerful weapons have the ‘chance of survival’, but the fact is that we are all best at the weapon we use. The type of weapons we use doesn’t guarantee our survival.

Our survival depends on appreciating and putting the weapons to good use. Life is more of using the less you have preciously, appreciating it, and making bigger picture out of the less you have for your breakthrough.

Stop blaming people for making you miserable, why do you credit yourself when you make the big moves but blame others when things go wrong, when you point out others that’s selfish. The little you have is better than someone’s biggest weapon. If only you believe is valuable then, it will surely be your definite survival. Use the ‘less you have’ to get nearer to the “bigger picture”, if not you will definitely not return from the war.

My name is Agbetto Collins Yaw, Diploma Graduate student of Datalink University, I’m open minded to help, learn with High School Magazine and making sure I deliver the best through out my time. #CollinsRoars