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Meet Naa Ayorkor – The High Schooler Redefining Love For African Clothing

Naa Ayorkor

High Schools Society is a community of amazing high school students doing extraordinary things, defining odds and making an impact. Whether in the arts, entrepreneurship, community service, social impact, editorial or media, we just love to give high schoolers the voice to connect and share.

Within our community, one such student doing just that is Naa Ayorkor, a second year student of Achimota School who will make you think again the next time you visit the boutique or the clothing shop. Her love for African prints is infectious. And guess, what? She does it so well.

When High School Magazine asked her what makes her take such a course, she said, ‘Africa is my continent of origin. She is that which gives me hope and a sense of belonginess and so my motive for taking pictures in African print is to sell our culture out to the world and what I do is an exception because very few youths patronize prints due to it’s cost. And most people relent to modern fashion designs but I’m a go-getter and I want to be extraordinary. My aim is to make this wordly know and so it will take a long time, determination and patience to take this a long way. And I guess I’m ready for that”.

Ms. Ayorkor is local representative at High School Magazine and surely has that niche to really take this far. Well, she is a photo model as well, and her desire is to make her fellow students and other young ones like her fall in love with the culture.

She’s a standout, she’s a go-getter and she does it with style.