NSMQ2019: Adisco begin ‘journey to the fifth’ with superb win

Four-time consecutive finalists and one-time winners, Adisadel College have begun a wonderful bid to a fifth final in the National Science and Maths Quiz.

The Cape Coast giants battled two determined underdogs who were bent on causing an upset. But Adisco would have none of it from Ghanata SHS and Nsutaman SHS.

Their climbing tempo in the game put them on top and the game ended with the scores: 

Adisadel College: 46pts, 

Nsutaman SHS: 33pts and 

Ghanata SHS: 28pts.

+ + + 

After losing a slow Round One, Adisco came-back and came-back big with wonderful performances.

Round Two began and the contestants had to be careful, a wrong answer and they lose a precious point.

“That’s incorrect that’s incorrect” the iconic voice of Quiz Mistress, Dr. Elsie Effah Kaufmann kept echoing to the Adisadel duo. Make no mistake, it didn’t stop the Cape Coast giants from receiving the “you’re right” as well.

Anytime they beat the others to a question, they got the echoing support of Gabriel Sasu in the audience; he is one of the contestants who led Adisco to the final in 2018.

Gabriel Sasu [standing] led Adisco to the Grand Finale in 2018

Ghanata SHS also amassed points in this round but they lost points as well, costing them the chance to go on top.

It was same for Nsutaman who now trailed Adisadel College.

Adisco was now where neutrals expected them to be but sadists grumbled and prayed very hard ‘Santaclausians’ as their known would fall from the top.

After the scare of losing points was temporarily over, the Problem of the Day presented it’s not so beautiful face.

For Ghanata, it was actually ugly; from a possible 10, they scored zero.

Adisadel however, maintained their lead by picking up four points, but Nsutaman kept the hope of an upset alive by matching the top dog’s points.


Adisco finished the game in the fourth round which has statements. The contestants are supposed to confirm the veracity or otherwise of the statements.

A wrong answer attracts minus one point.

For fans of the NSMQ, you remember this round was what cost Adisadel the 2018 trophy. They led the Grand Finale contest until they lost so many points from answering the True or False questions wrong that it cost them the trophy.

A year later, they came prepared. They scored a perfect score in the True or False and put the game beyond a contest.

They crowned it all in the last round by picking one of the four riddles; it didn’t matter to their supporters that they missed others, the game was theirs. Hail Adisco! Hail Adisco!! They chanted.

Post source : Myjoyonline.com

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