NSMQ2019: Presec restores contest to factory setting after R1 loss

Five-time champions, Presec survived an early scare to qualify for the quarter-finals of the 2019 National Science and Maths Quiz.

They slumped to last after the first round against Ofori Panin SHS and Assin State College. But the Accra-based school quickly restored the contest to factory settings, living up to their tag as favourites.

They won from R2 to finish off the contest to qualify for the quarter-final.

“You’re right,” Quiz Mistress Dr. Elsie Effah Kaufman told the Presec contestants after they answered the last riddle. The right answer had sealed their victory and booked them a quarterfinal spot at in the competition.

It did not come easy though. Presec had come into the contest expecting to walk over their opponents but they were shocked by in Round One after their weak performance placed them behind the other two schools.

They however, turned their fortunes from the subsequent Rounds.

Round 5

14:50 – Presec holds a strong lead from Round Four.

The four riddles in this round go to all schools simultaneously.

All the schools give wrong answers to the first riddle.

Wow, the auditorium is vibrating as the Presecans are chanting, their contestants have answered the second question which puts the contest at a point of no return.

The third riddle goes unanswered and Presec finishes it off in style as they pick the last riddle on the fourth clue for three points.

The Presecans are joyous, what begun as a set-to-be-trolled is now ‘enemies are not God.’

End of contest:

Presec, Legon: 47pts

Assin State College: 31pts

Ofori Panin SHS: 25pts

14:45 – After a very busy True or False session where all the schools hardly got anything wrong, Presec holds on to the lead, with 41, points, 10 more than the closest competitor.

14:30 – The Problem of the Day; the Round Three question has left the future looking bleak for the two schools which looked like causing an upset.

Of the 10 points the question is worth, they didn’t make anything out of it.

Presec, in the words of the quiz mistress, Dr. Elsie Kaufmann, rescued themselves toward the end of their answer.

For their efforts, they were awarded four points.

End of round 2:

Presec, Legon: 24pts

Ofori Panin SHS: 15pts

Assin State College: 15pts

The round is over and the top dogs are back in charge.

14:06 – Folks it’s getting heated in here as Presec regains their ground. The boys are killing it in here. they have taken over the game and are controlling how fast it goes.

Ofori Panin SHS picks the opening riddles.

14:00 – The second round is underway and all three schools are struggling for supremacy.


The Legon-based powerhouse was given a shock in the first round after the underdogs in the contest, Ofori Panin SHS and Assin State College both produced good performances to leave Presec trialing.

13:55 – Presec Legon is in the last position after Round One of the second NSMQ contest at the University of Ghana.

Post source : Ghana| Myjoyonline.com|

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