NSMQ2019: St. John’s Grammar dismisses fancied ‘National’, Biheco

St. John’s Grammar School has qualified for the quarterfinals after kicking Ghana National College and Bishop Herman College out of the ongoing National Science and Maths Quiz.

The NSMQ began with positive energy but eventually grew tense and very competitive as the rounds got tougher.  

Both Bishop Herman College and Ghana National College started on promising terms but declined as St John’s Grammar made a good comeback in round two and maintained it.

It was an impressive start for round one as Ghana National and St John’s Grammar secured their first questions. Bishop Herman missed their first question and the Ghana National ladies rang and secured a bonus mark. Ghana National and St John’s ended the round with 12 points and Bishop Herman led the quiz with 17 points.

“Incorrect” quiz mistress, Dr. Elsie Effah Kauffmann said several times during the second round. The round had series of incorrect answers from all schools. But St John’s Grammar School managed to get to the top with 17 points. Bishop Herman followed with 16 points leaving Ghana National at the bottom with 8 points.

The problem of the day was next. A problem will be given to all 3 schools to find solutions to. The solution is marked by the quiz mistress and then the students write their answers on the board. The Herman boys had no marks as well as Ghana National College. The ‘Grammar Boys’ from St John’s effortlessly acquired 2 marks.

Round four had the R. S. Amegashie auditorium filled with “true” and “false” answers. The contestants tried their best to give the right answers to statements asked them. St John’s Grammar took the lead position with 32 points in this. Bishop Herman and Ghana National college obtained 26 and 15 points respectively. The riddles came next.

Ghana National started the last round with a correct answer to the first riddle after the fourth clue. Bishop Herman boys answered the second riddle right and got their 3 points. And the competition continued. Ghana National ended with “milk of magnesia” being the correct answer for the last riddle.

The St John’s boys began hailing and jubilating before the quiz ended. It was obvious who had won the competition now. Per their performance, the contestants have booked automatic qualification to the next edition of the competition even before the 2019 edition ends.

St John’s Grammar school qualified for the quarterfinals with 35 points. Unfortunately, Bishop Herman College and Ghana National College are out of the competition and would have to go through the regional contests next year.

The Herman boys took second place with 29 points and National placed last with 21 points.

Awudome SHS, Tepa SHS and Islamic SHS will compete in the next quiz.

Accra Academy, Abuakwa State College and T. I. AMASS, Fomena, will take the contesting seats after them.

Post source : Myjoyonline.com

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