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OLAG SRC Week 2022

The 2022 OLAG SRC Week Is Here and These Are All the Activities We Are Looking Forward To.Peepsssss, what’s good?? 
It’s been a while, we know you miss us, guess what we bringing your way this week… the long awaited SRC week celebrations this year’s SRC weekcomes with some spice, like no other. 

This Year’s SRC week is themed “Evolving In Excellence” which is spearheaded By Cyril-Stan Sower-Nai as the SRC President together with his subordinates. 

This Year OLAG SRC Week is slated for 6th June to 12th June 2022

Let’s walk you through.

So, it’s starts on Monday with the official Launching and Debate. You feeling the fire already?? Relax, we just getting started.

Tuesday is the talk show which will be honored by Mr Joshua Ayinbora ( CEO OF GROITAL FARMS)

Wednesday comes with Dental screening and Spelling Bee Contest.

Thursday goes easy on us with a cooking fest and Videos Games.

Friday then jams us up for the Miss OLAG finals. We told you this year’s SRC week is spyceeeee!

Saturday is the day! A Funfair in the morning and OLAG LEGENDARY AWARDS in the evening. The Funfair is going to be full of Fun Because the DWP ACADEMY will be repping liiiiiveeeeeee!!!

As Usual Sunday will be climaxed with a A Thanks Giving service!!

We didn’t lie to you when we said this year’s SRC is mad, did we?? Obiaa nwatchouti out!

By: Neldrick Sackey, Head of News.