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Opinion: Four reasons no girls’ school has ever won NSMQ?

Since the inception of the national science and maths quiz, 23 tournaments have been organised and no female duo or a female school has won it before.

One may argue that it is because girls are not as good as boys academically. On the other side of the coin, taking KNUST as a case study, most valedictorians over the years are ladies. Even in the medical school, the ladies are always sweeping all awards while the gentlemen look on. Get to the college of engineering and yet again the ladies will prove you wrong by topping their respective classes.

This concludes, the ladies can win the #NSMQ but something so strong may be holding them back. After a survey conducted by interviewing 100 female past and ongoing students as sample space from 12 female SHS, 4 key issues raised out of the numerous coincided.

The absolute dominance of males in the #NSMQ has rendered females to accept the status quo. This year’s tournament made it clear when Ghana National College, a mixed school presented a female duo. The contest cemented the argument that it is not the issue of female schools but female duo presented to compete. The females tend to lose focus along the line and give up in the competition. It is a worsening issue since all female contestants to have competed in this year’s except Wesley Girls’ High School, were last and couldn’t even place second.

Females are creatures that are slow key a programme but once thru get along with it they are unbeatable. Our girls need enough motivation, specifically in the psychological area. Their brains should be properly and continuously psyched just to feel HUMAN OF EQUALS and not GENDER OF DIFFERENCE as they mount the stage. This is something the ladies are clinically missing. Motivation in the form of cash, old students support et al. may come but once their mentality is not liberated, everything falls.

3. The “PERIOD” Brain
This may sound funny but almost 96% of the sample space highlighted it. While the boys have nothing to bother about; girls will have to take care of their menstrual cycle in conjunction with their preparation towards preceding contests. Past contestant [name withheld] revealed it caught them their time in a tight corner. “My counterpart out of tension started flowing prematurely and arrangements had to be done for her to be substituted along the line. We had our tactics in the answering the questions and it hit the rocks due to the uncertainty. Even though we were leading in the third round, we lost the contest ” she explained. Others shared that such moments are difficult as you can’t even concentrate and end up making your opponents have edge over them. This is an issue tutors of female contestants should develop highly thought through tactics to combat. Females may feel uncomfortable and shy informing their instructors when they are gotten hold of this trap.

The complexity of females we should know, does not fall in certain stuffs but all, including academia. Truth be told, majority of tutors training these girls are just lazy. The intensity of sessions as it were in some dominant schools compared to the female schools is a wide gap. Some past partakers complained of tutors adding up to what they had to study, emotional and amorous concerns.

Many as more issues were raised, these four were highlighted. I believe stakeholders would have to go back to the change board and right the wrongs. Until then, an all female contestant winning the #NSMQ incurs a negligible possibility like Ghana Black Stars winning AFCON. Funny right? No, absolutely not!

Supremo Mensa
Blogger/Activist/ Philanthropist

Source: ModernGhana