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THE PROCEDURE EFFECT (The Missing Element)

The emotions of Seniors are flared after the abysmal performance of our NSMQ team(tutors and contestants) in the ongoing competition. This immeasurably low performance is something the College hasn’t experienced for over two decades this competition was instituted. The humiliation meted out to us from Wesley Girls High School is unprecedented and unfathomable.  The last time WGHS beat Prempeh College was in 2008 and in between this space of time, the College has technically beaten them thrice in the same competition. They simply outclassed our team yesterday and I don’t feel happy about it as an old boy.

Frederick Agyemang, Writer.

If you are very observant and a follower of NSMQ, you would realise the dwindling spiral in performance of Prempeh College NSMQ team after one Procedure left the team and it takes an eagle eye to see this.(therefore what I term as THE PROCEDURE EFFECT). The Procedure effect is simply how Senior Eric Kwaku Yeboah popularly as Procedure influenced and caused change in Prempeh College’s NSMQ team and made the school a powerhouse again after nearly missing out of action for almost 2 decades after winning the maiden competition in 1994 and 1996.(the long drought). It took the intervention of Procedure to revive the team after he took over in 2013 and ended the drought in 2015.

This piece is not take credit away from some other masters but rather to highlight the good works of Procedure which a sect of Amanfoo have undermined. I am not talking from the lame man point of view but someone who has been close to the team for sometime now and have served as interim secretary to the academic committee(defunct) of AMANFOƆ National and also a communicator for the quiz team, just to let you know that I know what am talking about. However, this same Procedure taught me both Core Mathematics and Elective Mathematics in Prempeh College from form one to three, and was my class teacher too.

The secret to NSMQ glory goes beyond just having contestants and trainers but someone who will die for the team. Procedure “died for the team” when he took over by financing the team with his pocket money by buying quiz materials and even feeding the boys when then Headmaster(both K.Y and Fourdjour led administration) rejected the boys. Procedure used to sleep with the boys at the quiz room(all Brilla boys who passed through his hands can attest to this fact). In 2013, it was only Digoo who helped when all teachers snubbed the quiz team when the Headmaster was not supportive enough. Procedure single handedly taught the boys Mathematics, Biology and even Chemistry. Procedure also served as a Psychologist for the boys using his passion and zeal to see Prempeh College at the top to motivate them to do something for the school. He always boost their morale by consistently taking them out for lunch. He touched their feelings with some of these good gestures. It will be ignorant to say that the real deal is not Procedure.Procedure Effect?

In our recent form, our major strength was calculations, I mean Maths and Physics. Calculations were never a problem for Prempeh.The confidence level of our boys were too low and last year it was the same that took us out.The rate at which our team is deteriorating is unprecedented looking at how the boys fumbled with True or False questions. When Procedure was around, one of our strength was Round 4 which is True or False statements. We hardly miss out on that round but yesterday the boys got 5 wrongs in that round which made us underdogs in front of the ladies in Cape Coast. Have you asked when this current trainers start preparations? Find out yourself.

However, someone may be tempted to say that the team won in 2017 which Procedure wasn’t around. As soon as I read such comments on social media, I conclude, that person doesn’t know what he is talking about. — “You dunno you dunno” ?? Procedure was very instrumental in preparing those students for the competition before he left. He started preparing the team in 2016 and left 1st March 2017, at that time the team had finished with preparations because WASSCE had started that time and the team came to win the quiz in June-July. Why did he left? Maybe I’ll revisit those issues again when needful but now am interested in how deteriorating our team has become, that’s not to say the teachers there now are not doing anything but the issue is that Procedure is the man we lack in our team now to make it complete. I’m not really shocked about our performance this year because I predicted it when Procedure left the College in 2017.

I don’t know how to end this, not that I can’t end it but rather I have a lot to say.Isn’t it interesting, how Adisco, Peters, Botwe, Kuhiss, UNIPra etc have become consistent in recent times, the key is an influence of one teacher. We got that one teacher and we refuse to keep it. It will be hypocritical to put the same importance on all teachers. Equality is not real, one has to be more important than the other. We are not the same. We can’t overlook how important and relevant Procedure was to the team. WE NEED PROCEDURE BACK but that’s another battle we have to fight and win. 

By: Senior Frederick Agyemang, AMANFOƆ 2013