The Unmatched – Episode 1

In his quest to extend his riches to other towns, he planned a plot with those boys from the neighboring communities. Those boys who had no means of living in those communities. Those boys who had parents who were advising them to travel outside to the big towns in other to make money to feed their family. Men so bitter!

Having seen a lot from those places they’ve been to. They used to come to their towns with those beautiful moving things. They then will entice the maidens, but then won’t change their maiden names. They learnt the habit of those people. They were so eager to change everything in the towns around them which included their trading system which was their means of living.

You think Atonsu was excluded? Perhaps they would have been. But in his quest, in his quest…

Atonsu’s own youths haven’t been into the big towns before. They only learnt fishing from experienced fishermen of the past generation. Their means of fishing fetch them enough, Yes enough. But then with the neighboring communities around them, they could have made more. After
all, won’t it be much of a benefit to the people themselves?

He had all he could ever dreamed of. After all, being the richest in your own town was
everyone’s dream. It still is, I guess. He allowed himself to be lured by those boys from the neighboring communities. Hmm… Those boys ! They came in with those people and never seized to stop the “chin, chan or chon” in whatever they say.

Prepared they came with everything of theirs to teach the town how to fish. Fish for money ! Others say it wasn’t his fault things turned out this way. After all, he was part of those in the town and the fishing business was collapsing drastically. Nobody knew what was going on. And if someone of your own, well not really your own but then someone from the neighboring community is willing to help, why will you deny?

As to the kind of help he was about to receive he had no idea. The only thing he knew is that they were willing to help. They were saying they had good fishing methods. After all who doesn’t like something good ?

Hello, I’m Nana Hagan.
I school at Northern School of Business which is located in the Northern Region of Ghana. I offer General Science in school which is the more reason why my writings are centered on Science and Technology. I also write fictions.

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