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The Unrequited Love – Poetry

Love for one another is a journey;

Starting at forever and ending at never.

I like to be alone to listen to music,

Lost in my own world of dreams and unrealistic  imaginations;

Away from waiting for a titanic at an airport.

It feels weird clinging to a feeling that does not exist; a love never born.

You will never know how much I want to take a picture with you and of you when you’re not looking, to capture you when you’re just being yourself, caught up in some daily task or thoughts or daydreams that I would never even know or never even be a part of.

If wishes were horses, then I wish I had taken those pictures to remind you of me and remember that once upon a time, I was in love with a boy who never even saw how much I loved him and a boy who never knew if he wanted me.

Written by Ewurabs