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“WASSCE 2020, My Worry!” – Frederick Agyemang

It’s very pathetic to see students crying and whining over exams malpractices. My heart broke seeing from online news portal on how students are complaining bitterly about  exams they think is difficult, to the extent of threatening to boycott the subsequent exams. These students openly criticized why they were not allowed to copy from their colleagues or leak the question papers. They publicly made these statements with impunity in front of a camera.

This is certainly a problem and it depicts how the standards have fallen in our second cycle institutions. I wrote my WASSCE in 2013 but I can say when I saw the Integrated Science questions they are whining about, at a point I thought it was a BECE paper. The questions were very simple and straightforward. Very easy! You see, now students do not study again. The waywardness is too much.

This is a big problem that must be addressed. This is what happens when everything in this country is politicized.  I was just sad when i saw all the videos of students complaining bitterly. Standards have really fallen. Who promised these young lads ‘jar’ or ‘apoor’ with so much expectation?

The saddest part of it all is how students have publicly shown their unwavering quest for “apooorr” to the extent that some of the students said and I quote, “The NDC invigilators are not allowing us to cheat”. I couldn’t hold myself after reading it, amidst laughter. This is so funny and interesting. Where did we go wrong? For students to standardize cheating in an exams.

This is so horrible, something must certainly be done about this canker.

By Frederick Agyemang

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