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While You Wait – A Few Tips For High School Leavers

After the rigorous schedule involved with preparing for and writing a demanding exam like WASSCE, it is very tempting to wish for eternal rest from any and every activity. While graduating from senior high school is a great achievement, it is also an indication that you are gradually inching closer to adulthood and independence in life.

Life is a journey that can prove to be ruthless, especially to those who are not adequately prepared to travel it; so while you may be eager to catch your breath from academic work and all others that might seem stressful and annoying for every typical young adult, you might also want to consider developing yourself as you move up to another level in life. Below are a few ideas you, as an SHS leaver, can consider in order to maximize your effective use of time as you prepare to start a new phase in life.


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There are several universities all over the world offering short courses online in a very wide range of courses. Anyone is very likely to find something of interest among the plethora of courses available online. You can check out futurelearn.com, cousera or just google “free online university courses” which provides you with access to websites of well-known universities that provide these courses for free. Subscribe to a mail list to receive weekly notifications about new courses you might be interested in. Take advantage of such opportunities.


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We all must acquire some kind of vocational skills. It could be shoe making, catering, dress making, photography, playing a musical instrument, anything you might find interesting and willing to learn. Academic knowledge may not always be enough to get you through especially in a country where the population of graduating students far outnumber creation of jobs. Some of these skills may also come in handy while in tertiary school and you just might be able to generate extra income while still studying. While you take up a vocation to learn, make sure you try your best to stick to it and be consistent in order to learn it well. There are countless numbers of people for example who seemed very passionate about learning a musical instrument but fell along the way, unable to proceed till the end.


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Be eager to initiate or be part of causes that have positive impact on society. Are you passionate about the environment or other societal and world problems? If you can think of solutions to a problem in your community, make an effort to implement them. You can also associate with many individuals or NGOs in your community already engaged in one activity or the other which conforms to your values in life. You can join a club that concerns itself with environmental issues or volunteer to teach young pupils on rural communities. If you intend to apply for scholarships and other related opportunities in the future you might want to take voluntary work seriously because it will increase your chances.


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Some roles within certain organizational settings does not require a degree. As such, you qualify to undertake certain task and be paid for it. Aside newspapers there are other reliable web applications you can sign on to in your search for employment. One again, make good use of the search engines.


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Information Technology is the future. Anyone who does not keep up with the fast pace of IT will be left behind. Learn all you can about IT. Many people are earning money online without having to step out of their houses. All you need is a computer or a phone with Internet access. Start researching about how others are doing it and discover how you can also take advantage of the opportunity.

This list is not exhaustive in itself. What are other ways that you have adopted already while you are waiting for your WASSCE results or tertiary institution admission? We would love to know them!

By Rita Appiah
Rita is a writer at High Schools Society and Associate Editor of our editorial board. She is also a member of the writing department